Myths About Window Film Installation

Look Through Your Windows

Clients who have never installed window film have assumptions about the product that are not borne out by the evidence. Customers typically have issues with the temperature, the air quality, the humidity, and the draftiness of a space. Those in charge have missed out on a chance to find a permanent, low-cost answer to the problems they’ve encountered. False beliefs that are commonly spread about window film installation include:

Myth 1. Film applied to glass will cause thermal glass breakage. The film placed in a glass per the manufacturer’s instructions cannot cause thermal shattering. Window film can only contribute if the glass isn’t made or placed to industry standards. Some window film providers offer a five-year thermal breakage warranty that includes glass and film replacement.

Myth 2. Films applied to insulated units will cause seal failure. Window film has been applied to millions of square feet of insulated glass units worldwide for more than 40 years without causing seal failure. 3M’s Scotchtint will only boost pressure by 0.55 psi, but federal regulations need windows to withstand 3.30 psi. If an approved window film is placed, many window manufacturers will honor their seal failure warranty.

Myth 3. Films will discolor over a short period of time. UV inhibitors protect most high-quality window films from fading. These claims are backed by 10-year material and labor warranties.

Myth 4. Films are a short-term “band-aid solution. High-quality polyester window films have an abrasive coating and bonding technology that provides long-term performance and aesthetics (20 years or more). After that, a new film can be readily applied. 3M films can be cleaned with ammonia-based solutions.

Myth 5. Reflective films prevent viewing at night. Some modern products, like 3M Night Vision Films, provide the necessary solar protection and also enhance nighttime visibility from the inside.

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